Three New Bacons!

Three New Bacons!

Heritage Foods exclusively sources 100% healthy heritage breeds raised humanely. Heritage breeds are extremely well marbled and make the most delicious bacon!
 Iberico Hickory Smoked Bacon
Texas Iberico Hickory Smoked Bacon $65
Spain’s national pig breed, the Iberico, now raised in Texas! Delicious sweet fat, salted and hickory smoked.
Broadbent Applewood Smoked Heritage Bacon
Broadbent Applewood Smoked Heritage Bacon $65
Legendary curemaster now makes a lighter, sweeter bacon, smoked with applewood, using our heritage Berkshire bellies.
Tamworth Signature Heritage Bacon
Tamworth Signature Heritage Bacon $65
"The bacon pig" — the Tamworth breed is renowned for its lean, flavorful bellies — cured in our signature style.

Heritage Bacon Favorites!

Bestseller - Our 250 Year Heritage Bacon Box $65
Three of America's Oldest Curemasters curing heritage breeds:
Benton (1947, TN) Broadbent (1909, KY) & Edwards (1926, VA) — Three 12-16 oz packs

Heritage Bacon Lover’s Sampler $172
America’s best masters curing heritage breed pork - Eight 12-16 oz packs, now including NEW Iberico, Broadbent Applewood Smoked, and Tamworth Signature Bacons!

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We cooked Bentons Hickory smoked bacon this morning and found it extremely salty and very little smoke flavor. What did we do wrong? Did it in a convection oven.


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