The World's Greatest BBQ Chop!

The World's Greatest BBQ Chop!

Everyone here at Heritage Foods agrees this is the very best BBQ cut we’ve ever tasted — the greatest BBQ rub in America, the most marbled Newman Farm Berkshire pork chop, butchered flawlessly for a picture perfect 36 oz chop. This chop is smoky, aromatic, well-balanced, smooth, and mellow.


Tempesta has mastered the sweet twang of classic American BBQ and refined it to elegantly coat every inch of this chop. The sweet paprika combines with a hint of chili and maple to elevate every bite. The thickness of the cut allows you to gain a perfectly caramelized crust without overpowering the fantastic Heritage pork flavor. The Berkshire pork chop delivers the ultimate in juiciness and tenderness, guaranteed to create a “wow” moment.


To prepare, simply sear on high heat for 3-4 minutes on each side to achieve a perfect caramelized crust. Transfer to a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Rest and carve!


The maker of our bold porchetta, Antonio Fiasche of Tempesta Artisan Salumi, is a fifth generation curemaster based in Chicago, who has infused a new energy into his family’s tradition of cooking and curing in the Calabrian style. Antonio and his team are creating a bold and imaginative line of diverse products, forging new flavor traditions without boundaries, including the world’s best BBQ rub. Antonio, a Good Food Awards winner, only uses the highest quality ingredients. We are proud to work with him, crafting our 100 percent pure heritage breeds into new, delicious experiences.


Heritage BBQ Tomahawk Pork Chop

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