The Best Burger You’ve Ever Had

The Best Burger You’ve Ever Had

Great burgers start with great ingredients. We recommend our Akaushi/Angus 8oz burger patties—a perfect combination of robust beefy flavor from the Angus and tender marbling from the Japanese Akaushi. Looking for more ways to up your burger game?  Check out our burger tips below for guaranteed juicy patties every time.

1. Keep burgers cold in the fridge until they are ready for the grill.
Starting with cold ground beef will help keep the fat from rendering too quickly. This ensures juicier burgers!

2. Get it hot! Whether it’s a grill or a pan—cook over medium-high heat.
Med-high heat allows you to quickly develop an evenly browned crust without overcooking the center.

3. Season with salt and pepper just before cooking.
Skip seasoning the inside of your burgers, which can make ground beef rubbery. Instead, generously season the outside just before putting on the heat.

4. Rotate burgers around the heat source for even cooking.
Avoid unevenly cooked burgers by watching out for hot spots and flare-ups.  Keeps things moving around to ensure even cooking.

5. Don’t press on the meat.
We get it, it’s tempting to squash down on that patty and watch those juices sizzle, but you’re only drying out your burger when you do.

6. Use a good bun. (Brioche or potato are great!)
Reward you patience and hard work. Rest those burgers after they come off the heat and serve them on a good toasted bun.

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