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Season 7: No Goat Left Behind from Heritage Foods
  • Oct 4, 2017
Season 7: No Goat Left Behind from Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods is celebrating the seventh year of its annual October goat project, NO GOAT LEFT BEHIND, and the second in the United Kingdom. No Goat Left Behind addresses the growing problem facing New England goat dairies — namely, what to do with male goats. Since male goats are of little use on dairies, a sustainable outlet needed to be found and Goatober was launched, connecting restaurants and home chefs to a delicious protein that is actually the most widely consumed meat in the world. The project has since grown to include numerous non-dairy farms raising goat for meat. Through the dedication of America’s top chefs to raise awareness, America is slowly learning what the rest of the world already knows — that goat meat is delicious, lean, versatile, healthy, and sustainable.