St. John’s Bread and Life |Working to End Hunger

St. John’s Bread and Life |Working to End Hunger

 We first heard of St John’s Bread and Life (B&L) when Anthony Butler, the Executive Director, approached us about participating in one of their events providing food for New Yorkers in need. We were surprised to learn that B&L is the largest organization in Brooklyn working to end hunger in our community. Each and everyday Bread and Life supplies thousands of meals to people and families in need. But it wasn’t until we visited their facility on Lexington Avenue in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn that we really fell in love with their mission.

B&L has an amazing staff that works tirelessly to provide food to those without. We came to understand that the majority of those who come to Bread and Life have jobs but still have trouble paying the bills: a salary at McDonalds is not enough to pay for a family with three children. The minimum wage as it stands now is too low and even industrious New Yorkers can run into trouble. Some of B&L’s clients once had good paying jobs but the recession coupled with rising food prices left them making impossible decision, like whether to pay rent that month or buy food.

We admire Bread and Life for working hard to respect their clients’ independence. They help them with tax advice, to obtain voter registration, they provide toys on the holidays, they offer legal advice and social work. They let their clients determine what is best — from what food they eat to what toys they give their children by offering them choices and integrating technology in a way that connects and empowers.

The most remarkable aspect of Bread and Life for us foodies is Anthony and his team make it a priority to serve their clients the best, most nutritious, local, sustainable food possible. Through grants and donations Bread and Life serves delicious, clean and fair food – especially during the holidays. Obtaining enough food to feed as many mouths as Bread and Life does is not easy. The fact that they seek out the nation’s best is all the more commendable. The kitchen staff, led by Christie Robb, prepare each and every meal with care and dedication.

Fighting hunger through gastronomy is a revolutionary idea. One of Anthony’s goals is to unite the great chefs of New York with the work of their staff who feed so many. Through seminars the staff learns the ways of the best chefs. Through events like the one this February 26th, B&L brings in the best talent to work with their team, teaching technique and respect to the process of eating and preparation.

We believe everyone should support St John’s Bread and Life in whatever way is significant to them. Without the safety net they provide people would go hungry. Whether it’s driving a truck into flooded neighborhoods during a hurricane or serving thousands on Christmas or Thanksgiving, your donation will go a long way. We encourage you to visit and learn more about them and to attend this amazing event this coming Thursday.

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