Restaurants Celebrate Goatober Too (by Emily Pearson)


Echoing Patrick’s sentiment in last week’s blog, I want to thank all of our supporters for helping to make October 2017 another exceptional #GOATOBER.

We couldn’t have done this project without our fearless home chefs. And we REALLY couldn’t have moved 150+ goats if it were not for our adventurous and tireless chefs. This year more than 40 restaurants participated in Goatober around the country and #NoGoatLeftBehind crossed the Atlantic Ocean again this year to the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Ireland thanks to our friend James Whetlor at Cabrito Meat. And did we mention that next year we plan to have an international Goatober event here in New York featuring chefs from London and Amsterdam? While Goatober may be winding down for this year, Team Heritage is continuing to eat our way through New York City tasting as many ragus, curries, chorizo, birria, loin, confits and salads as we can. And thanks to a few especially dedicated chefs, Colonie in Brooklyn and The Fat Radish on the Lower East Side will continue to have goat on the menu for a few more weeks!

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Check out some of the dishes we have tasted below. We put together a near complete roundup of Goatober Season 7 dishes – and photos!

B&B Ristorante, Las Vegas – rigatoni with goat ragu and pecorino fiore sardo
Babbo Ristorante – crispy goat confit
Barcino – house-made goat chorizo and goat cheese baked in a tomato Aleppo pepper sauce with a slow poached egg and mint-cilantro
The Breslin – curried goat
Calistoga Kitchen – spicy Heritage goat bolognese cavatelli with parsley, parmesean, calabrian chili, breadcrumb; roasted Heritage goat with sumac yogurt, roasted carrots, pears, almonds, arugula, chimichurri
Colonie – cavatelli with saffron, braised goat, breadcrumbs, chili threads
Egg – country captain breakfast with poached egg
The East Pole – heritage goat stew with roasted garlic crostini
El Vez – jerk goat burrito, spicy habanero and mango salsa, farro brown rice, black beans, & cotija cheese
The Fat Radish – Heritage goat loin, glazed root vegetable, kennebec potato puree, natural jus
Freeman’s – slow braised goat in coconut milk and 3 week fortified goat stock with curry braised Thai young coconut and forbidden rice poached in goat stock with lop Chong.
Gramercy Tavern – goat meatballs with cauliflower, pine nuts, pickled chiles
Gran Electrica – Cabra-chetta: goat loin, saddle and belly wrapped and stuffed with a goat chorizo and pepita seeds, under a bed of black bean and pasilla de Oaxaca puree with a side of guasontle, mint and cilantro; Birra: spicy goat meat stew; Tacos de Cabra: seared goat meat tacos with a flight of salsas (goat jus, goat liver mushroom salsa, salsa cruda) served with tortillas.
Hominy Grill – braised goat shoulder sandwich with shaved red onions, arugula, and a tomato basil jam on french bread; goat-chetta served with tomato pudding and collard greens; goat neck and hominy stew
Huertas – goat chorizo
Lupa — bibb lettuce salad with goat confit, buttermilk vinaigrette and crispy shallots
Maialino – pappardelle with braised goat, olives and grana
Marta – goat sausage and roasted fennel pizza
MWells Steakhouse – grilled heart skewer, stuffed saddle, braised shoulder, seared liver, chestnut pappardelle, matambre stuffed leg, crown roast
Otto – pappardelle with Heritage goat ragu
Park Avenue Autumn – goat cavatelli with ricotta
Quality Meats – goat cassoulet
Sorghum & Salt – goat ragu made with ricotta gnocchi, South Carolina tomatoes, collards, chili, and parmesan
Union Square Care — goat gyro + goat ragu pasta with Swiss chard, squash, and capra sarda
Untitled – braised and grilled goat with roasted eggplant, cherry tomatoes and a homemade pita

-Emily Pearson

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