Introducing Our Australian Wagyu

Introducing Our Australian Wagyu

Heritage Foods was founded to promote farms and heritage breeds raised in the United States.  Family farms and biodiversity in the country where fast food was born needed a support network of chefs and we wanted to help launch one.

Part of our Mission Statement and Guiding Values written in 2004 is:

We uphold the American ideals of equity and dignity for all producers and their foods. We are committed to heritage foods of all of the Americas, North, South and Central. We believe that our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness include access to high quality, sustainably raised and traceable foods.

To date almost everything we have ever sold was raised on American farms. But we are also aware that the United States is part of a global tapestry that is interconnected in many ways. Indeed, almost all the heritage breeds we sell originated in foreign places like England, Japan and Tunisia. Even our company itself was founded as a marketing arm of Slow Food, an international organization founded in Italy to preserve rare foods of all kinds and to counter the homogenizing effects of fast food.  This is why every few years we look beyond our shores to remember where we came from, especially when we find something so special and delicious that we can’t resist sharing it.

Our most recent international culinary adventure took us down under to Australia. The Australian Agricultural Company has been raising beef in Australia since 1824. They currently raise some of the best Wagyu in the world, which roam over 6 million hectares of pristine Australian pasture — an area making up about one percent of Australia’s land mass. Their cattle are not treated with growth hormones and have never been fed on meat or bone or any other products derived from ruminants.

The best metric for determining deliciousness in beef is marbling, aka the intramuscular fat that runs through the meat.  These steaks grade 3 to 5 on the Australian Meat Grading System, which corresponds to a 5 to 6 in the American grading system. This translates into one of the most supremely marbled steaks in the world. We are very proud to feature this for a short time only and we thank Udi Greenberg from Premier Meats for helping us source this very hard to find delicacy.

Each steak is perfectly packaged in individual cryo-vak. We encourage you to buy soon as supplies are very limited!

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