Heritage Shaved Deli Ham Debut!

Heritage Shaved Deli Ham Debut!

Introducing rich, juicy, flavorful, marbled, delicious heritage shaved deli ham! Say goodbye a dull sandwich for lunch. We take our Signature Maple Sugar Cured Heritage Ham and shave it for ideal texture and versatility.

Maple cured ham is at the cornerstone of American cooking, loved universally as the main ingredient for an iconic sandwich. Whether for a ham and cheese, jambon beurre, Cubano, or fried with an egg for breakfast, pasture raised heritage breeds produce marbled delicious meat, so every bite is sure to be sweet and juicy.

For our shaved ham, we use 100% Certified Humane Berkshire pork from Newman Farm in Myrtle, Missouri. Helmed by farmer and scientist David Newman — he holds a Ph.D in meat science and muscle biology — Newman Farms  looks more like a pioneer settlement or a holiday camp than any sort of pig farm. Wooden huts are scattered across green fields like bungalows, where contented Berkshire pigs live their lives, happily on-pasture. It’s an idyllic image, far from the modern machine that is industrial pig farming.

Berkshires were the favorite breed of British royalty, and were first introduced to the New World in 1823. Since then, Berkshire bloodlines have remained exceptionally pure and have become a mainstay favorite of chefs and diners, legendary for their exceptionally bright pork flavor and thick, delicious fat cap.

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