Carnitas Tacos at Gran Electrica

Heritage Pork Carnitas at Gran Electrica

Chef Oscar Santiago of Gran Electrica in Brooklyn brings in about 200lbs of our heritage pork shoulder each week and all the meat goes into making two products: carnitas and al pastor. If any is leftover cochinita pibil as well.

Oscar grew up in Oaxaca and at Gran Electrica you’ll see the flavor profiles taught to him by his mother — from the salsa to quesadillas, tacos, and other dishes.

Chef Oscar Santiago of Gran Electrica

To make carnitas, the shoulder is sliced into small pieces, marinated overnight in a secret mix that includes oregano, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, orange juice, and coca-cola, and cooked at 250 for 4 hours before Chef pulls it, strains the fatty liquid, and then pours it back into the mix! A few seconds on the grill and he is ready for the tortillas.

For al pastor the marinade is slightly different and includes the dried chili guajillo which is toasted along with the garlic — and pineapple is added. Cochinita pibil is served alone on a plate with no tortilla and includes achiote.

Heritage breed shoulders are marbled and fatty adding flavor to each dish. While on the grill, the fat rises to the top and Chef rubs the tortillas on it to make them more delicious. Try doing that with a commodity shoulder!

It’s a pleasure to eat at Gran Electrica and we are honored to service Chef with deliveries each week! If you have not been, you must go!

Gran Electrica

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