Grilling Tips for Summer

Grilling Tips for Summer

10 Grill Tips Every Grill Master Needs to Know

Best Tools for the Season: Long Handled Tongs, Stainless Steel Spatula, Grilling Fork, Grill Brush, Instant-Read Thermometer, Basting Brush

Ingredient Essentials: Coarse Ground Salt and Black Pepper, Grapeseed Oil 

1. Get your grill ready for the season! To get your grill in shape for the season, fire it up and leave the cover on for 20 minutes. When it’s fully heated, use your grill brush to scour the grate and remove any debris lingering from your last grilling session. Use a paper towel soaked in oil and tongs to apply oil evenly throughout the grate.

2. Mise en place. Have all of your ingredients and tools ready before you begin to cook. An easy way to keep track of preparing a large menu is to list each protein along with any accompaniments and tools needed.

3. Create two cooking zones. The best way to manage your cook temperature on the grill is to create two cooking zones. Think full heat on one side and low to medium on the other. If you’re working with a gas grill this means turning on only half of your burners, leaving the others off or on low. If you are using charcoal you can achieve the same zone technique by piling the charcoal on one side of the grill basin. This will allow you more dexterity so you can achieve great char without overcooking and expertly handle more delicate proteins like fish or chicken which require more gentle, indirect heat.

4. Make sure your grill is hot before you begin. Preheat the grill before you begin cooking by turning on the grill and leaving the cover down for 10-15 minutes. This will help to create a more even cook temperature throughout the grill.

5. Seasoning thoroughly. Season meats thoroughly with Omnivore Salt or your favorite coarse ground salt and pepper. For thicker cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and goat you can season with salt 20 minutes before cooking, which will help to tenderize the meat. Remember to pat dry and re-season before cooking.

6. Keep the lid on. Be one with the grill! Close the lid during cooking – it will allow foods to be heated more evenly. But don’t forget to regularly check on everything. You can move items to hotter or cooler sections of the grill as needed.

7. Check temperatures while cooking. Use a thermometer to get an accurate reading on temperature. There is no other foolproof way to get a perfect temp every time.

8. Let it rest! The larger the piece of meat, the longer it will need to rest. A good rule of thumb is no less then 10 minutes. As always, we recommend carving the protein and finishing with garnishing salt before serving.

9. Don’t forget to give your grill a good cleaning while it’s still warm. This will help to maintain the integrity of the grill and will help to keep the grill feeling inviting.

10. Grill often Grill Master! The more you use it the better you will know your grill.

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