Goatober Press Release

Goatober Press Release

No Goat Left Behind: Goatober Is Here!
Brooklyn, NY (September 20, 2013) No Goat Left Behind is an annual project launched in 2011 by Heritage Foods USA designed to introduce goat meat to American diners and develop a sustainable end market to support farmers in the Northeast. We are proud to partner with 14 New York State and Vermont family farms to sell hundreds of goats to restaurants and home consumers throughout this October.  Thanks to our partner restaurants, you will be able to find goat on the finest dinner tables across New York City.

Just like most foods, goats have their season. Naturally mating goats give birth in the early Spring and are ready for harvest in the Fall. They are best enjoyed in October – or as we say, Goatober! The flavor of goat is delicate and grassy. As the world’s most widely consumed protein, there is a recipe for every menu.

Over 50 restaurants will participate in the No Goat Left Behind project by serving our goat on their menu for the full month of October. Visit the restaurants listed here to enjoy goat served in a variety of ways.  For an updated list, please check our website. Goat is also available for purchase by home consumers at www.HeritageFoodsUSA.com.

No Goat Left Behind is partnering with Cider Week NY, a project of Glynwood that seeks to enhance the viability of regional orchards by celebrating hard cider.  Regional cider will be highlighted from October 18-27 in restaurants, bars, and retail shops throughout NYC and the Hudson Valley.  For more info please visit: CiderWeekNY.com.

Both No Goat Left Behind and Cider Week NY were developed to raise awareness and demand for distinctive agricultural products best enjoyed in October.  Matthew Rudofker, Chef de Cuisine of Momofuku ssäm bar, will demonstrate his favorite goat dishes paired with an array of local ciders at Astor Center on October 10th. Tickets now available through http://www.astorcenternyc.com. For information, visit our website.

All our goats are raised to Heritage Foods USA’s specifications, guaranteeing pasture-raised animals with no growth hormones or antibiotics. The five breeds represented include: Oberhasli, a dairy breed developed in the mountainous regions of Switzerland; Nubian of mixed Asian, African, and European origin, known for high butterfat milk production; Saanen, which surpass all the other breeds in production of milk and butterfat; Boer, which were selected for meat production and originally hail from South Africa; and Kiko which are recognized for greater parasite resistance and good meat yield.


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