Goat Tees? — Goatober 2020

Goat Tees? — Goatober 2020

The artisan goat movement was started in the 1970s by women making goat cheese: Mary Keen (Humbolt Fog), Allison Hooper (Vermont Creamery), Laura Chenel (Chef Chevre), and Judy Shad (Capriole). But male goats have little use on dairies that rely on milk production to make their bread and butter. And that is why we created No Goat Left Behind, the month-long celebration of all things goat during the month of October — or Goatober — the natural season for goat meat! Now in its tenth year, Goatober has become a project in over a dozen countries around the world, promoting the livestock and delicious recipes that come from it.

Goats are our favorite livestock, as they are gregarious, charismatic, and useful on the farm to clear out brush and entertain the other members of the farm! All our goat cuts come with a recipe card and cooking instructions, but basically we recommend rubbing with salt and pepper, searing and baking in the oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 135 – 140 as it will rise in temperature after leaving the oven.

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