Brand New! Korean BBQ Wagyu Short Ribs

Brand New! Korean BBQ Wagyu Short Ribs

Brand New! Korean BBQ Wagyu Short Ribs
Thinly-sliced and marinated — the world’s greatest 5-minute meal! 
Pre-portioned and pre-seasoned by Tempesta Artisans 

Inspired by traditional Kalbi Korean BBQ flavors, our thinly sliced short rib is pre-marinated and pre-portioned for super easy preparation. The sweetness of apple, kiwi, onion, and honey balance perfectly the savory flavors of soy sauce, chili paste, red pepper, and sesame, creating an extraordinarily tasty meal.

Typically marinated for several hours, our naturally tender and heavily marbled Wagyu short ribs come marinated — all you need is 5 minutes from fridge to plate for a perfectly cooked steak dinner with an ideally caramelized char!

Due to the use of fresh fruit as tenderizers, these ribs must be cooked within 2 days of defrosting to ensure they keep their shape and texture!

These short ribs are delicious and versatile on their own as thin, tender steaks, bite-sized finger food, or served in the traditional lettuce wrap. Short ribs are often cut thick for long braising, but our Korean short ribs are sliced very thin on the bone for super quick cooking and extra flavor. We recommend grilling or, if you prefer, in the broiler.

The maker of our bold porchetta, Antonio Fiasche of Tempesta Artisan Salumi, is a fifth generation curemaster based in Chicago, who has infused a new energy into his family’s tradition of cooking and curing in the Calabrian style. Antonio and his team are creating a bold and imaginative line of diverse products, forging new flavor traditions without boundaries, including the world’s best BBQ rub. Antonio, a Good Food Awards winner, only uses the highest quality ingredients. We are proud to work with him, crafting our 100 percent pure heritage breeds into new, delicious experiences.

Korean BBQ Wagyu Short Ribs
One 2-2.5lb pack of 10 steaks $78
Two 2-2.5lb packs of 10 steaks $152

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I saw on your page that you had Kalbi (Korean Short Ribs) but when I clicked to order them, I got a 404 error. Do you still have them?

Mark Siebert

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