Brand New! A Taste of Little Italy, Now with Heritage Breed Pork!

Brand New! A Taste of Little Italy, Now with Heritage Breed Pork!

Custom made by New York City Curemaster Pepe Giocoli, featuring our Heritage breed Berkshire pork! The classic Little Italy San Gennaro Fair Pepper-and-Onion Sausage, now using the best pasture raised ingredient on earth!

Parma Sausage Co. has been producing the very best New York Style Sausages from an original family recipe since the 1950's. Made with 100 percent heritage pork from our network of farms, the texture is elegant, luscious and smooth. The meat boasts a round and buttery flavor that melts on the tongue.

Choose from two flavorful new varieties, or try all of our sausages in our Sausage Sampler.

Pepper-and-Onion Heritage Sausage
Traditional pork sausages elevated with the essence of onions and peppers! Inspired by both the best of Southern Italy and old-school New York style, the kind of sausages you find at historic street fairs — and made with heritage pork. They are truly a breed apart!

Lean Heritage Breakfast Sausage
A classic breakfast sausage, lean and bouncy, made with 100% heritage Berkshire pork!

Sausage is the most sustainable of all our farm-to-table offerings. Always made from the best cuts, all pasture raised, antibiotic-free, heritage breed pork!


Heritage Pork Sausage Sampler
Heritage Sausage Lover’s Sampler
This month, we’re featuring the full line of New York City Curemaster, Pepe Giocoli’s, Italian-inspired sausages.

Five 16 oz packs, one each from: Pepper-and-Onion Sausage, Lean Heritage Breakfast Sausage, Sweet Italian, Spicy Duck Sausage, and Pork Sausage with Cheddar — all in his famous wheel shape!



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