Belted Galloway 1/8 Cattle Shares Are Here!

Belted Galloway Burgers

As we began to ready ourselves for the arrival of our Belted Galloway 1/8 Cattle Shares we realized that the Belties were missing from our tasting notes! We immediately rounded up the crew and invited our friends for an impromptu afternoon of tasting. Here’s what we came up with– a complete list that has been discussed, deliberated, and finally decided to be the most accurate words to describe the flavor of Belted Galloway beef. Enjoy!

Belted Galloway Tasting Notes




Hints of Fruit

Simple Richness

Zesty Bright



Nice Finish


One of Our Favorites


About the Belted Galloway

There are fewer than 2,500 registered Belties in the US. Belted Galloway’s are a heritage breed of cattle originating from Scotland. They are adept grazers and known for their smaller frame and excellent marbling. The meat is herbaceous and grassy in flavor. These animals are well suited to the harsh winters of Central New York and lush pastures in the spring, summer and fall. They are raised on pasture and finished on grain to ensure impeccable marbling.


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