2020 News and Updates from Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

2020 News and Updates from Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

We are very excited to share with you news of the imminent groundbreaking at the Good Shepherd Conservation Center, in Lindsborg Kansas, located near Frank Reese’s Good Shepherd Ranch. We aim to create a revolutionary first-of-its-kind structure, one of the most important agricultural sites in the country, and one which we hope you will help us build!

The center will include: An Exhibition Barn which brings to life the American farm experience. The barn will hold a myriad of endangered breeds of poultry, each with a unique cultural heritage and story to be told. Since poultry seed cannot be frozen and banked, our living museum will serve a crucial role in preserving these critically important bloodlines for future generations. From hatching baby chicks, to feeding and engaging with dozens of beautiful rare strains, to the slaughter and processing of animals, this center will immerse visitors in a working farm environment unlike any other.

A Professional Kitchen will serve the last remaining commercial poultry line whose genes have never been touched by the factory farming industry. With a robust and complex flavor profile unlike anything you’ve ever had before, these offerings will both delight and amaze the senses. 

“And the flavors! I am stunned by the Plymouth Rock, which smells like hay and has a marigold-yellow, pork-style fat cap beneath its skin. Its flesh is silky and grassy, bringing to mind smoked sablefish.” – Tamar Adler, Vogue”

The Kitchen will house a Demonstration Area, Dining Room, and high-grade equipment to meet the needs of the world’s top chefs. It will produce everything from, simple daily lunches to spectacular dinners. 

A one of a kind Library and Media Center will provide an understanding of how American poultry gave birth to factory farming. Experience history through the lens of agriculture, and witness what existed before fast food. In the Screening Room watch documentaries and movies, like Eating Animals starring Frank Reese. In the extensive Library and Archive explore our many important books, manuscripts, photographs, drawings, recipes, and works of art relating to 19th and 20th century American agriculture.

The Conservation Center will be situated in Lindsborg Kansas, with Agri-Tourism Guest Rooms available and event space for youth groups and culinary students.  Guests will enjoy the many fantastic local attractions, historic natural landmarks, and the best of small-town America, square in the center of the American heartland.

We hope you will join us!

Please visit GoodShepherdConservancy.org/donate, call us 718-389-0985, or email us at info@goodshepherdconservancy.org

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