Corned Beef from Ted in NJ

Ted and his son tried our Corned Beef Brine this past St. Paddy’s with great success!

They came up with a few suggestions for cooking the brisket once it has finished in the brine.

Rinse it off. Put it in a big pot and fill with cold water. Bring to a boil and then a low simmer for 15 minutes with lid off. Skim all foam. Add water if necessary to cover again, add spices in cheesecloth if using, lid on, into 350 oven for 4-6 hours until a big fork slides in and out easily. Remove and splash with some cooking liquid, cover with foil to rest a half hour. Boil vegetables in cooking liquid at this time.

-Ted, New Jersey

The verdict? “Very tender!”

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Happy cooking!

Team Heritage 

Akaushi brisket in the brine.

finished corned beef
The finished corned beef!