Anchovy Toast

anchovy toast - italian anchovies

The secret to this simple Italian recipe is beginning with the best ingredients. For the best anchovy toast we recommend starting with our meaty imported Italian anchovies and quality crusty bread from an artisan baker.


Unsalted Butter
Crusty Bread
Garnishing Salt



Warm loaf of bread gently in the oven. 250° for 15 min.

Slice in half-inch portions. If the slice is too wide to handle appropriately, halve the slices into smaller portions.

Apply butter as desired (we are big fans of a nice thick smear)

Drape 1-2 fillets over the butter – space them out so there is a little in each bite

Garnish with salt



If you are able to get your hands on young French Breakfast radishes, they are a wonderful accompaniment to this snack. Chose a radish no larger than your pinky finger and clean off any roots or blemished leaves. Slice thinly, adding a few slices to each piece of buttered anchovy toast, or serve in a bowl alongside.



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