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Bone-in porterhouse chops from heritage lamb, pork, and beef — 4.5-5lb total

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Beef, Lamb, Pork Porterhouse Sampler
Bone-in porterhouse chops from across heritage lamb, pork, and beef
4.5-5lb total

Two 6-8 oz lamb porterhouse chops Dorset Horn or Tunis
Two 14 oz pork porterhouse chops Berkshire or Red Wattle
One 32-34 oz beef porterhouse steak Akaushi/Angus Wagyu

Lamb Porterhouse Chops, Dorset Horn or Tunis
Heritage lamb chops are cut thick from the loin, and are an astonishing balance of nuanced flavor and pure, decadent satisfaction. These lamb chops are a pure treat, and so easy to prepare: just rub the meat with salt and pepper and perhaps a bit of fresh rosemary, and cook in a hot pan with a small amount of olive oil for about 3-4 minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees F for a perfect medium (the meat continues to cook even after leaving the pan). Don’t forget to let them rest for a few minutes before serving. A breed of sheep that spread over Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and most of Wales, in the 1750s the Dorset Horn is the breed the English with a fine palate would eat for Christmas!

Pork Porterhouse Chops, Red Wattle
Our Number One Best Seller! The porterhouse is truly a fantastic cut — the T-Bone of pork. Cut thick and marbled gorgeously, each piece includes both the tenderloin and loin section of the pig, making these chops a unique treat, easy to cook (just a few minutes on each side), and satisfying for even the most demanding meat lover! French colonists brought these hogs to New Orleans as a favored meat breed. The Red Wattle eventually would populate the forests of Texas.

Beef Porterhouse Steak, Our Signature Akaushi/Angus
Weighing in at a hefty 30 oz, the Porterhouse is the king of all steaks. Cut 1.5 inches thick from the most prized section of the strip loin, the porterhouse combines flavorful NY Strip with the tender filet. To be considered a true Porterhouse, and not just a T-Bone, the filet section must measure at least 2 inches wide off the bone. Only four Porterhouse steaks are cut from every steer. Our Heritage Wagyu steaks are a cross between the revered Japanese Red Cow, known as Akaushi, and one of America’s best lines of Black Angus.

  • Humanely raised on pasture
  • Antibiotic and hormone free
  • Raised by independent family farmers
  • Heritage breeds have more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat