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A rich and succulent cut from the best breeds in the world — 11-13lb total

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Rib Sampler: Pork, Lamb, Mutton
Rib slabs from across heritage livestock: pork, lamb, and mutton
11-13lb total

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St. Louis Pork Rib, one 3.5-4lb piece, Berkshire or Red Wattle
Lamb Rib, one 4-5lb piece, Dorset Horn
Mutton Rib, one 3-4lb piece, Tunis

St. Louis Pork Rib, Berkshire or Red Wattle
The St. Louis rib is the same as a spare rib, but with the deckle bone trimmed off making this cut a little more delicate while still yielding 11-12 meaty ribs per rack. Cooked low and slow on the grill, in a smoker, or in the oven, heritage breeds have delicious fat and marbling that becomes even more accentuated during the slow cooking process.

Lamb Rib, Dorset Horn
A breed of sheep that spread over Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and most of Wales, in the 1750s this is the breed the English with a fine palate would eat for Christmas! Very few farmers still raise this endangered breed.

Mutton Rib, Tunis
A sheep in its first year is classified as lamb and its meat is also called lamb. In its second year the meat is called hogget, and when the sheep is older than two years, the meat is called mutton. Access to mutton is extremely rare! Reputed to be 3,000 years old, the Tunis was originally known as the fat tail sheep — the tails are now docked as the fat tail is no longer considered a delicacy. Instead, that tail fat now migrates into the ribs creating unusually delicious marbling, sweetness, and flavor in these cuts.

  • Humanely raised on pasture
  • Antibiotic and hormone free
  • Raised by independent family farmers
  • Heritage breeds have more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat
SKU: 353 Louis (1pk 3.5-4lb), lamb belly DH 4-5lb, mutton rib Tunis (3-4lb)