A toma-style cheese by Consider Bardwell Farm in Pawlet in Vermont — one 8 oz package

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Pawlet Cheese
a toma-cheese by Consider Bardwell Farm
one 8 oz package

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Pawlet is a cheese unlike any other — crafted with Jersey cow’s raw milk and aged a minimum of four months, its mildly sweet taste is similar to an Italian-style toma: creamy & nutty on the palate with bright grassy notes expressive of its terroir.

Located in Pawlet, Vermont, spanning the rolling hills of Vermont's Champlain Valley, and reaching into Washington County, New York, Consider Bardwell's three-hundred acre farm was established in 1864 by a man named Consider Stebbins Bardwell. It was Vermont's first dairy coop, ("The Pawlet Cheese Company") where small farmers in the area brought their milk. Consider made the cheese and they sold it as far as New York City. A century and a half later, Angela Miller and Russell Glover are revitalizing the tradition with pasture-based raw milk from cows with the support of their neighbor farm partner, Indian River Farm. Indian River Farm has been providing their cow's milk for the past ten years, with an average herd size of 14. To put that into perspective, the average Vermont dairy farm milks about 100 cows. All of their cows are raised on open pasture when the weather allows it, and hay from those very fields through the colder months.

Most milk in America is always pasteurized and almost always from large operations raising black-and-white Holstein cows. That is an entirely different product from what Indian River produces. Their cows, predominantly Jersey, produce milk with almost twice as much fat and protein as what you'd get in the supermarket, is rich in omega-3s, and even changes in flavor depending on which grasses they eat.  

Keeps refrigerated for 30 days.

Heritage Foods is expanding our cheese selections in partnership with the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund (ASLF), whose mission is to provide monthlong paid apprenticeships for young adults to live on sustainable farms — to work, learn, and be inspired to create change in their communities. We have selected our favorite domestically produced cheeses from ASLF partner farms for pairing with Heritage meats!

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