Two 10-12 oz chops from each maturation, 3.75-4.5lb total — taste and compare sheep raised and aged on pasture — Tunis or Dorset Horn


Loin Chop Mutton, Lamb, and Hogget Aged Flight
Six 10-12 oz chops total, two each from mutton, lamb, and hogget 

We are so excited! Nowhere else can you find pasture raised heritage breed hogget and mutton raised in the United States!

  • Heritage Breeds raised on pasture and 100% antibiotic free
  • Raised by Ben and Grace Machin Tamarack Sheep Farm, Vermont

A sheep in its first year is classified as lamb and its meat is also called lamb. In its second year the meat is called hogget, and when the sheep is older than two years, the meat is called mutton. Access to hogget and mutton hardly ever happens!

By aging our lamb on the hoof, the meat becomes more marbled, mellow, and subdued, yet succulent with a full, round finish. The fat is absolutely edible, like a great lardo from Italy, and mutton meat reminds us of a great marbled steak.

Heritage chops are cut thick from the loin, and are an astonishing balance of nuanced flavor and pure, decadent satisfaction. These chops are a pure treat, and so easy to prepare: just rub the meat with salt and pepper and perhaps a bit of fresh rosemary, and cook in a hot pan with a small amount of olive oil for about 3-4 minutes on each side.

Our mutton, lamb, and hogget all come from ancient breeds, the Tunis and Dorset Horn, and are raised in Vermont at Tamarack Farm exclusively for Heritage Foods.

When heritage breeds are the ingredient, we love adding age to change the flavor – whether it be cured meat, dry aged steak, or whole lamb spending an extra year (or two!) on pasture. We hope you love this tasting experience as much as we do! 

SKU: 1pk 10-12oz chops each: mutton, hogget, lamb