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Includes heritage mortadella, finocchiona, Red Wattle salami, Casella's prosciutto, Uplands' aged Alpine-style cheese, and the famed Central Grocery's olive salad

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Muffaletta Sandwich Kit
Feeds 8-10

We are so excited for this collaboration between the delicious and world renowned olive salad from Central Grocery in the French Quarter of New Orleans; and cured meats from our co-conspirators in the meat world, Casella’s, and Tempesta Artisans, who take our meat in to craft the mortadella, prosciutto, and salami.

Originating among Italian immigrants in New Orleans, Louisiana, the muffaletta sandwich takes its name from a Sicilian sesame bread, between which rests piled high layers of thinly sliced cured meats. Our version is full of Heritage prosciutto and salami, along with artisan cheese and traditional olive salad — all you need is our favorite bread! Best after it rests a while to let the juices meld, this sandwich is perfect to pre-make for parties or picnics.

Each order includes:

  • Heritage Mortadella, one 2lb piece, Tempesta Artisans
    Italian style bologna made with Sicilian pistachios
  • Finocchiona, one 4.5 oz piece, Tempesta Artisans
    Pork salame seasoned with fennel, Sangiovese wine, and black pepper
  • Red Wattle Salami, one 4.5 oz piece, Fatted Calf
    Pork salame flavored with black pepper and Spanish Pimenton
  • Sliced Heritage Prosciutto, two 3 oz packs, Casella's
    Delicious, sweet prosciutto by Italian Master, Cesare Casella
  • Olive Salad, one 16 oz jar, Central Grocery
    Central Grocery is a third generation, old-fashioned grocery store founded in 1906 by Salvatore Lupo, a Sicilian immigrant who is famous for creating the muffuletta. This is the family's own recipe of marinated olives, peppers, and vegetables
  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese, one 8 oz package, Uplands Cheese
    An Alpine-style cheese aged between 6 to 11 months. Rich and hearty with notes of toasted nuts and caramel.