Raised on Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch and produced by New York City's own Pepe Giocoli — 24 meatballs total, 3 oz each

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Heritage Meatballs
24 meatballs total, 3 oz each

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To celebrate 20 years, we are a proud to introduce a Heritage Turkey first! We are sure you will love our Good Shepherd Ranch Heritage Turkey Meatballs produced by one of the premiere artisans in the U.S.

Frank Reese turkeys provide the perfect ingredient for these Italian style recipes that are sure to become an annual tradition in our holiday catalog and at your table!

For sustainable eating, there is no greater example than the meatball. The meatball takes the off cuts and end pieces of meat, bread, and cheese to make something uniquely delicious, tender, fresh, and new! The meatball is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, especially when crafted by a master like Pepe Giocoli, maker of our famous heritage sausage wheels and craftsman butcher for The Meatball Shop, known to serve the best meatballs in New York City.

We are proud to introduce this new heritage turkey meatball using our celebrated meats in Pepe's classic recipe. All our turkey comes from standardbred animals raised by preeminent poultry breeder Frank Reese at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas, the only remaining commercial USDA certified Standardbred heritage poultry farm in the U.S. Good Shepherd turkeys comprise the oldest continuous breeding lines of turkeys in North America and all are raised to these standards: Certified Standardbred, Pasture Raised, Free Ranging Flock, Vegetarian Fed, and Naturally Mating. 

Already seasoned and rolled, simply sear in a skillet until brown and finish in a 375 degree oven until internal temperature reaches 140 or desired doneness — they are that good! Or else add tomato sauce from Carbone (which you can buy here) and make a saucy delicacy, served in a bowl with pasta or between buns! See the full ingredient list here.