Our top sellers delivered to your door each month, menu enclosed!


Heritage Monthly Meat Club
Each delivery feeds 4-5 people

For delivery dates and menu read below! 

  • Each month you will be charged $199 total, including shipping
  • Substitutions are allowed (up to 5 days before delivery date)
  • Change your address anytime (up to 5 days before delivery date)
  • Cancel anytime (up to 5 days before delivery date) 
  • Every delivery counts towards our Loyalty Program with free gifts starting on your 5th order.

Menu of deliveries:

Delivers Wednesday, July 19th: 
St. Louis Pork Ribs (2.5-3lb), Wagyu Burgers (six 8oz patties), and 1lb each of Sweet Italian, Fennel, and Pepper & Onion Sausage, about 9lb total
Three of our most popular grilling cuts: 3 varieties of sausage, our perfect Wagyu burger patties, and ribs from our Berkshire and Red Wattle pigs

Delivers Wednesday, August 16th: 
Beef, Lamb, Pork Porterhouse Sampler, about 5lb total
One of the most luxurious packages we offer, the most sought after cut from 3 breeds across the heritage livestock universe

Delivers Wednesday, September 20th: 
Akaushi Tri-Tip and Heritage Chicken, about 7lb total
As the season turns, two hearty and delicious options, one from our Signature Akaushi beef line and one from the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch network

Delivers Wednesday, October 18th: 
Two Ribeye and two NY Strip Steaks, four 10-12 oz steaks total 
Ribeyes and NY Strips from one of the most marbled breeds in the world, could there be anything more delicious?

Delivers Wednesday, November 15th: 
Wagyu Tenderloin 2-2.5lb
The most tender cut from the most tender breed, a rarified delicacy — every morsel melts in your mouth

Delivers Wednesday, December 13th: 
Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Roast 3-3.5lb
A reliable heavy hitter for one of your most important meals of the year; a roast that has adorned tables for decades