One 8 oz package — creamy goat's milk cheese mixed with an amazing combination of Organic Herbs de Provence and Red Pepper Flakes by Ice House Farm in Vermont


Herbed Chèvre Cheese
by Ice House Farm 
one 8 oz package

Ice House Farm was started by Morgan and Chad Beckwith in 2016 with the goal of producing healthy delicious goat milk. 

The number one favorite cheese at their Farmers Markets is this Herbed Chèvre with its fresh taste, sweet flavor, and perfect creamy texture. The herbed version is mixed with an amazing combination of Organic Herbs de Provence and Red Pepper Flakes, making it salty and spicy as well. The cheese is perfect for spreading on bread, on a cracker, or even just by the spoonful.

Ice House Farm is a tiny property in Goshen, Vermont. Driving up to it, you feel as if you are going through a time warp, back to the Middle Ages maybe, or even before to a world shrouded in the mystery of legend and myth. 

Approaching the farm, one is greeted by two shepherd dogs and four very rare Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. You walk through a lovely house, and just beyond the kitchen, the life and charisma of the farm begins.

On their small plot, small pens of various shapes and sizes constructed of various materials are populated with groups of goats. One pen is for new babies, as our April tour coincided with the birthing season. Each goat pen has its own child safety locks — goats are masters of escape! In the back of the farm is a modern hoop barn, the base of which is surrounded with a strong wood that cannot be eaten through by the goats. Goats will chew through anything!

The milk the mothers produce is harvested to make the most delicious spreadable chèvre, which we saw hanging from bags in the small cheesemaking room. Our favorite was the herbed and spiced version which leaves a perfectly salty delicious aftertaste and leaves you wanting more. Everyone should have some of this cheese in their fridge!

Ice House is a perfect sized farm. It sustains a family. It’s busy and teeming with life. Chad and Morgan focus on one product in particular — fresh chèvre. Gummy cream cheese, industrial butter, and even the beloved hummus producing chickpea should look over their shoulders — Ice House produces a superior spreadable! Leaving the farm, we wished a million other farms would pop up around the nation just like it.

Ingredients: Farmstead Whole Goat Milk, Organic Thyme, Organic Oregano, Organic Basil, Salt, Natural Rennet, Red Pepper Flakes.

  • Pesticide free
  • Herbicide free
  • GMO free
  • Antibiotic free
  • Growth Hormones free

Keeps refrigerated for 30 days.

Heritage Foods is expanding our cheese selections in partnership with the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund (ASLF), whose mission is to provide monthlong paid apprenticeships for young adults to live on sustainable farms — to work, learn, and be inspired to create change in their communities. We have selected our favorite domestically produced cheeses from ASLF partner farms for pairing with Heritage meats!


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