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Hacienda Queiles Olive Oil
250 mL or 1L glass bottle 
Olive Oil Jones

Olive Oil Jones imports huge barrels of living, breathing, geographically specific olive oils that are fresh, exuberant and billowing with fragrance and flavor. None of their olive oil is put into a bottle until a customer orders it. 

Olive Oil Jones' olive oils are all unfiltered. They are strictly early harvest olive oils, derived from olives that were green, and gently harvested then mulched and centrifuged within hours of their harvest. 

This olive oil is perfect for drizzling on grilled heritage meats, yet not too bold for fish and seafood and certainly perfect for salads, vinaigrettes, soups, and couscous!

The slight bitterness and the peppery spiciness of Olive Oil Jones' olive oils are due to the early-harvest phenols, measurable levels of which are super-high at this early stage of an olive’s ripeness.

Arroniz olives are a local variety from Navarra, rarely seen here as a monocultivar. The olive oil from Hacienda Queiles is certified organic. The taste ripples with ripe fruit and a sweetness and a huge elegant boldness. This is a big and lovely oil.

Hacienda Queiles has been making olive oil in Navarra, Spain, in the middle of the Queiles River Valley for 25 years. The Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO) awarded Hacienda Queiles The Best Mill Of Spain. 

The Queiles Valley has been known since time immemorial for producing grains, wines and olive oil. Hacienda Queiles (pronounced kay-EE-lace) is uniquely located between the snows of Moncayo and the arid desert of the biosphere reserve called the Bardenas Reales. This is a land of extreme temperatures and rocky soil, with little capacity for water retention. It gives the fruit of the olive trees a distinct personality. Throughout history from the Romans and the Arabs, the olive has always been linked to the 3 Cistercian Abbeys from the 12th and 13th centuries.

Hacienda Queiles has their state-of-the-art mill located within their groves, which occupy about 60 hectares (over 148 acres) of mainly Arbequina and Arroniz olive trees. The early harvest olives are milled right there, keeping them in perfect condition. The Hacienda has a philosophy of “Pago de Olivar”; having full control of the whole process from the tree to the harvest to the mill.