Includes shaved ham, boston butt, Shelburne cheddar cheese, spices, pickles, and mustard

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Cubano Sandwich Meal Kit
Mojo Marinated Roasted Heritage Pork and Shaved Ham Cubano
serves 4-6

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Any pantheon of the world’s greatest sandwiches would include the Cubano (along with the Banh Mi from Vietnam; the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese from NYC; and the Jambon Beurre from France!), that is if you define a sandwich as two pieces of bread (not buns!) surrounding a meat.

The Cubano originated in Cuba but expatriates in Miami made the sandwich mainstream. There are however regional arguments for the sandwich’s origins in the U.S., including in Atlanta and Tampa, where salami is often included.

In the spirit of cross-cultural exchange, we are substituting the Cubano’s usual swiss cheese with Cabot Clothbound cheddar, a hefty, beautiful, and rustic cow's milk cheese by Jasper Hill. We have also added our favorite cumin, oregano, mustard, and Rick’s Picks' The Peoples Pickles.

And of course, we substitute heritage breed meat for what is traditionally a cheaper staple. Our Boston Butts and shaved hams come from the very pasture raised heritage breeds that introduced the word “heritage” into the restaurant lexicon.

For bread we suggest a pan cubano from a Latin American bakery — a slightly sweeter and softer bread traditionally baked with lard. Alternatives that work well are 8-12 inch loaves of French or Italian bread, papo seco, or hoagie rolls.

This kit includes a recipe card and these ingredients:

  • Shaved Ham, one 8 oz pack, maple sugar cured and shaved for ideal texture and versatility, 100% Berkshire, antibiotic free, and pasture raised
  • Boston Butt, boneless, 4-5lb, supremely marbled heritage breeds like Berkshire, Tamworth, and Red Wattle have more fat and thus more flavor in each muscle, making truly the best Boston butts on the market
  • The People's Pickles by Rick’s Picks, 1 jar, The People's Pickle is a chunky, garlicky slice with hints of coriander and dill. This pickle continues Rick's Picks' emphasis on health and wellness: it is all-natural and low sodium
  • Shelburne Cheddar Cheese, one 8 oz package, two year aged cheddar cheese that is delicious and balanced: bright, fruity, and sharp, with a creamy texture and a long finish. 
  • Wilder Mustard1 bottle, all natural, small batch mustard made in California by Wilder Condiments
  • Wild Mountain Cumin by Burlap and Barrel, 1.5 oz jar, hand-picked in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan
  • Dried Oregano Buds by Burlap and Barrel, one .5 oz grinder-top jar, hand picked in Turkey just before they flower, these oregano buds are zesty and bright
SKU: one 4-5lb bnless butt, 1pk ham, 1 pickle, 1 shelburne cheese, 1 mustard, 1 cumin, 1 oregano