One 6-8 oz package — a semi-soft, savory cow's milk cheese by Spring Brook Farm in Vermont


Ashbrook Cheese
a semi-soft Morbier-style cheese by Spring Brook Farm
one 6-8 oz package

In 2014, Spring Brook Farm developed Ashbrook, an ode to the famous French Morbier. This cheese is a made from the fresh raw Jersey cow milk from Spring Brook Farm and their two partner dairies. Ashbrook exhibits a distinctive layer of vegetal ash running through the center of the paste. It is a semi-soft washed rind cheese that is aged for approximately three months. Ashbrook has savory aromas on the rind that give way to a mushroomy, sour cream-like flavors. 

Spring Brook Farm is a traditional dairy farm located in Reading, Vermont. It covers 1,000 acres and is home to 100 registered Jersey cows and a cheese operation focused on Alpine cheeses. They also operate the Farms for City Kids Foundation, an outdoor agrarian classroom for kids from urban centers.

Spring Brook Farm is a dairy farm with a twofold mission — first and foremost, to serve as an outdoor agrarian classroom for kids from urban centers (Farms for City Kids Foundation), and second as a producer of top quality raw milk cheese. Students that come to Spring Brook Farm learn about biology, chemistry, economics, health, and nutrition, all by way of participating in the day to day rhythms of a working farm. In addition to cows, Spring Brook raises vegetables, hay, goats, chickens, pigs, and turkeys. Spring Brook's herd of registered Jersey cows produces over 600,000 pounds of milk per year, which is converted into wheels of cheese.

Keeps refrigerated for 30 days.

Heritage Foods is expanding our cheese selections in partnership with the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund (ASLF), whose mission is to provide monthlong paid apprenticeships for young adults to live on sustainable farms — to work, learn, and be inspired to create change in their communities. We have selected our favorite domestically produced cheeses from ASLF partner farms for pairing with Heritage meats!

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