TIE BABY, TIE! The Subtle Art of Tying a Roast.

So you just bought a beautiful piece of meat and you want to roast it. What do you need to know?

There are two main reasons for tying (or trussing) a roast. The first of course, because you stuffed it and you’d like for all that delicious stuffing to stay exactly where you put it. The second reason though, may be less obvious.

Heat has a beautiful way of breaking things down. When you expose your roast to heat, the fat and connective tissues start to break down. While this process provides for a juice and tender final result, it takes away from the original structure of the meat. What was once a beautiful, robust hunk a meat ends up looking flat and kinda sad– not to mention that its new irregular shape will cause it to cook unevenly, leaving you with side bits that are over done and dried out.

Trussing your roast with cotton butchers twine is the perfect way to ensure a juicy and beautiful final result.

Chef de Cuisine Matt Abdoo from Del Posto Ristorante recently taught us how to truss a roast using the classic approach known as the continuous knot technique.

Don’t worry, we tried it ourselves and we promise it’s easier then you think!

Be sure to leave any questions in the comments section, and GOOD LUCK!



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