This Week's Celebrity Roast.... with Garlic Confit and Rosemary!

This Week's Celebrity Roast.... with Garlic Confit and Rosemary!

Last week the Heritage Foods brain trust voted our new Pork Roast with Garlic Confit and Rosemary the perfect midweek meal, calling it “a special treat whose herbs and garlic make it a tasty, satisfying sit-down dinner without being as heavy as a larger roast. This is perfect family fare and would go great with rice and beans or smashed potatoes.” This roast is hearty, with strong flavors, yet simple and perfectly sized for sandwiches or a centerpiece for 3-4 guests.

garlic roast

These humble but extraordinary roasts are the latest creations from our long-time partner and culinary hero, third generation butcher Thomas Odermatt, whose roots go back to his great grandfather's farm in the Swiss Alps. Thomas, of course, “made his bones” with the Roli Roti Porchetta Sandwich, famous first in San Francisco. Now, of course the Porchetta is a certified classic in the Heritage Food World, and Thomas a perennial Heritage All Star.

As we like to say here, “let hundreds of years of master butchering be your secret in the kitchen.” These heritage rolled and tied roasts are fully seasoned with a slow-roasted garlic confit and a sprig of rosemary, and just need 45 minutes in the oven. Though simple, the taste is complex and will make you look like a black belt in every department, from butchering and prepping to cooking — you really can’t go wrong. These roasts are gorgeous centerpieces but perfect for family dinner or a festive meal, but are a bit lighter than the classic porchetta. Bring this out of the oven and your friends and family may call it a feast... we just call it “Wednesday!” But truly, these oven-ready roasts will rock a hearty Sunday dinner or an elegant Saturday night dinner party with the same elegance and ease. Everything should be so simple!

garlic confit

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