The Tomahawk Chop!


This 5-6lb Tomahawk rack includes 5 long bone chops, and truly is a rare find. Each chop includes the entire rib bone of the pig from the loin all the way down to the tip of the spare rib. Grilled as a whole roast or 5 stunning individual chops, any grillmaster will be impressed by this Flintstone cut. Pork chops or St. Louis? Thanks to the expert hand of the butcher, you get the best of both.

Center-cut Loin:

This is the most tender cut of the pig from the cherished center part of the loin. This cut boasts plenty of inter-muscular marbling and subtle flavors.

St. Louis Rib:

You’ll want to get every bit of this meat! The rib meat is darker and extremely flavorful because it cooks right on the bone. It will crisp up nicely on the grill – the St. Louis is one of our best selling summer cuts, and this is the best way to enjoy it.


Don’t be afraid of the name, this is the game changer! This fat ensures every bite you take will be full of flavor. Leave a good layer of backfat on and never worry about dry pork again!


Some sprigs of this, Omnivore Salt, and fresh pepper are the only seasonings you need for jaw-dropping results!

The Tomahawk chop is a custom cut. Usually when pigs are processed at the butcher, the rib and loin are separated with a band-saw. This is the assembly line way and you will find pigs cut this way in most butchers shops around the country. But because the Tomahawk chop includes the entire bone of the pig, from the loin all the way down to the tip of the spare rib, it must be pulled from the line and cut differently.

To make the Tomahawk, the butcher pulls a 35lb “middle” from the line (presuming a hog that hangs at around 200lbs). The middle includes the following cuts: the loin section (from the country-rib on the shoulder end to the porter section on the ham end; the spare rib, and the belly. First the butcher removes the belly from along the rib cage. Removing the belly with a knife while preserving it fully intact is no easy task and many home butchers would have a problem not ruining some part of the ten pound piece. Then they remove the porter section of the loin and the other end, the country rib section. Then they remove the chime bone, which is a bone that can’t be cut without a bandsaw. “Chime bone removed” is a constant descriptor of loins, with rare exception!

Lou Fantasma, the manager of our partner Paradise Locker Meats in Trimble, Missouri says the Tomahawk looks really cool because of the long bone that includes the spare rib section. He says it gives you a Flintstone-rib feeling. Because of its unusual shape, he likes to call the cut an adult sized meatcicle.

It makes for the perfect manly man’s Father’s Day cut!

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