The Centerpiece to Sandwich Pipeline

The Centerpiece to Sandwich Pipeline

All fall, we look forward to our favorite holiday centerpieces that grace our tables at Thanksgiving and Christmas — large servings of meat, whether it’s a whole bird, a big hunk of ribeye, a cured ham, or a corned beef. While we associate these cuts with big celebratory dinners, that’s not the only time we eat them. We often find them in between a couple slices of bread, dressed up with some condiments and greens, in the form of a humble sandwich. We don’t consider a Reuben or a turkey & swiss to signify celebration. We often pop into a deli and grab one on the way to the train. But it’s the same cut of meat!

The holiday centerpiece is never eaten alone. Sides adorn the table, ranging from greens to mashed potatoes that are more dairy than potato. Some say the highlight of the dinner isn’t the centerpiece but rather the sides. We don’t necessarily agree that the sides outshine the big old hunk of meat sitting in the middle of the table, but we do serve ourselves heaping portions of them.

The centerpiece, in all its magnitude, rarely gets finished (the only time I remember that happening was Christmas 2011 when my cousin — he played rugby for UC Berkeley at the time, which lent him a voracious appetite — kept returning to the roast beef, in search of the perfectly cooked piece, which turned out to be the very last one on the platter). The end of the holiday dinner does not spell the end for the centerpiece, however. In the days following the feast, we continue to feast, but instead of occupying the center of the plate, the meat occupies the center of a sandwich.

Some say that leftover sandwiches are even better than the main event, a claim we neither confirm nor deny. Nevertheless, the adoration and praise for the leftover sandwich proved so strong that we abandoned the first stage in favor of the second. How many times have you roasted a turkey this year? Now how many times have you had a turkey sandwich?

Here at Heritage, we sell a variety of holiday centerpieces that deliver not just one but two acts. Our Corned Beef Brisket comes from the Akaushi breed, known for its supreme marbling, and makes for a the most luscious, silky centerpiece and sandwich. Our Wagyu Bone-In Standing Ribeye Roast, a show-stopping steak spectacular, tastes just as amazing freshly carved and still steaming as when it’s thinly sliced and cold. To settle the Thanksgiving turkey vs sides debate, the best comes on the days that follow, when the two come together in the form of a sandwich. So this holiday season, go big on your roast, because you know its glory lasts far beyond just one dinner.

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