Ted’s Braised Short Ribs

Our friend Ted made the most of Winter Storm Jonas, cooking up these delicious short ribs. He’s been kind enough to share his recipe with the Heritage Community!

I sliced them down trying to center the meat on each side of the bones. I let them rest and warm up to almost room temp, salted and peppered each side, and browned them quite well –  two at a time. I poured off the excess oil and tried to squeeze these beauties into a large cast iron Le Creuset pot.

Here is where I cheated. I used pre-made Williams-Sonoma Short Rib braising sauce. It took two jars and some extra beef broth and rich dark wine to cover the ribs. I turned the ribs once during cooking, but about 5 hours later we had an absolutely fabulous dinner. I skimmed off the excess fat, reduced the remaining sauce down by about half while the pasta and beans cooked.
I lit a couple candles, poured the wine, and didn’t plan on shoveling after dinner.
Ted's Braised Short ribs Ted's Braised Short Ribs Ted's Braised Short Ribs Ted's Braised Short Ribs

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