Supporting Native Foods at The Good Food Awards!

Under the call to action Come to the Table. All are Welcome Here, 1000 guests came together this past weekend in San Francisco to award 200 American artisans in 14 categories at the Good Food Awards. The great Winona LaDuke gave an inspiring keynote speech on her work at Native Harvest and Honor the Earth foundation, organizations that work to revive Native American food traditions including Manoomin Ojibwe wild rice. As our early customers might remember, the first two products we ever sold were Ojibwe wild rice and Frank Reese’s heritage turkeys.

“We are told that this would be the time called the time of the seventh fire. And in that time we are told that our people will have a choice between two paths, one they say is well worn, but it is scorched. The other is not well worn but it is green. And it will be our choice as people upon which path to embark. And I really feel like that is where we are tonight. We are choosing a path that is green, not well worn and not scorched and I am very grateful to be a part of it.”
— Winona LaDuke at the Good Food Awards

To celebrate Winona’s work, every order of $100 or more placed this week will include a FREE bag of Manoomin wild rice from the Ojibwe in Minnesota. This is truly wild rice, harvested in canoes in the lakes of northern Minnesota.
Stay tuned for new products from the Ojibwe including Bergamot and Chokecherry jams as part of our Easy Entertaining package, wonderful additions to any charcuterie board!

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