Steak Tasting Notes



Every week the team at Heritage conducts taste comparisons on different brands and breeds of product alongside one another. This week we sampled seven steaks from across the country. The mix included 100 % grass-fed beef, grass fed/ grain finished beef, and even bison.

We were impressed with the 100 % grass fed beef, which often has a very different set of characteristics than contemporary palettes are accustomed to. The Rib eye and Porterhouse we tasted had notes of grass, tomato, and funk and were pleasantly gamey. We did find them to be less juicy than the grain finished, which we attributed to less marbling.

The spread included 3 sources of grass fed/ grain finished beef, two of which were dry aged. The dry aged steaks were nicely marbled, flavorful and sweet with notes of plum, blue cheese, cornflakes, and alfalfa. The umami even stood out in one of our non-dry aged Akaushi Rib eyes, which had notes of lime, funk, mushroom, clove, and blue cheese.

The bison we sampled was 100% grass fed. They had a nice texture, but the finish was metallic and bitter.

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