New Beef Cuts to Celebrate the Year of the Ox

New Beef Cuts to Celebrate the Year of the Ox

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, we are carrying Wagyu Beef Shanks and Oxtail for the first time! Our shanks are cut ¾ - 1 inch think from the Akaushi steer and make for an incredibly delectable, earthy meal. We recommend roasting low and slow or braising until the meat falls off the bone. During cooking, the marrow will render out, adding an unforgettable richness.

A traditional delicacy around the world, our oxtail is sensuous, silky, and delicious. It is a treasured cut as there are only about five pounds of oxtail per cattle.

Oxtail is rich in gelatin which makes for perfect, rich, and luscious braises, stews, and broths. What makes our oxtail unique is that it comes from the very best beef breed in the world. 

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