It’s Holiday Time, Gotta Getta Porchetta!

It’s Holiday Time, Gotta Getta Porchetta!

Of all the World Class treats in our butcher case, nothing smacks of artistry, craft, and unexpected delights as our collection of superb Porchettas.

It seems like the Porchetta is becoming as popular as popcorn these days, but don’t be fooled: Heritage Porchettas are meticulously handcrafted, using only the finest ingredients, and of course, pasture-raised, gorgeous, Heritage pork.

Our Traditional Porchetta is prepared in the Old World style by legendary Swiss butcher Thomas Odermatt, who made his bones serving his legendary Porchetta sandwiches from his Roli-Roti truck outside the super-foodie Ferry Building in San Francisco. Served as a centerpiece, these hand-rolled roasts are positively intoxicating: Crispy pork belly sticks to your teeth like toffee, and the succulent loin completes a gastronomic tour-de-force that leaves everyone who tries it oohing and awing, buzzing in culinary bliss.

We cannot recommend our Traditional Porchetta enough (and like all of our roasts, they come oven-ready and are super easy to prepare), but for those who demand a bold taste, we now have our exclusive Bold Porchetta!

Like our Traditional Porchetta, our Bold version is built from pasture-raised Berkshire pork from Newman Farm. But instead of being seasoned with elegant herbs that speak to a refined European tradition, the Bold Porchetta breaks the mold and busts out with intense spices from the tip of Italy —  Calabria — known for its wickedly enchanting peppers and uncompromising, fearless flavor.

And finally, we present the Turk-etta, another masterpiece that lives at the zenith of the gastronomic arts, combining Old-World traditions with the best of traditional American farming. To make the Turk-etta, Thomas Odermat debones an entire pasture-raised turkey from the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, seasons it with traditional porchetta herbs and spices, and then rolls and ties it into a beautiful, oven-ready roast. The turk-etta makes for a perfect centerpiece or sandwiches and everyday meals.

These are the stuff that dreams are made of!

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