Home Sick… Let’s Talk Soup! (by Emily Pearson)

I write this while eating soup. I’m home sick with no appetite, but still manage to crave soup. It soothes your throat, makes you feel a little better and it’s simple. Homemade chicken soup is my favorite, tomato soup is the runner up, but even a plain pho broth would do on a day like today.

I was thinking of posting a photo on my Instagram: home sick on my 30th birthday with a bowl of soup in my lap. But then I remembered an article I read last week about the difficulty – and importance! – of good food photography.

Soup may be delicious, but does it photograph well? Last week The New York Times ran a story (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/02/dining/food-photography-culinary-schools-instagram.html) about Insta-culture and the correlation between food photography and restaurant success. Maybe my post would get me some sympathy likes on my birthday, but would the photo actually be something I want to live on my Instagram page? After all, a photogenic dish, Mr. Potanovich of The Culinary Institute of America said, is “absolutely” likelier to stay on the menu. So I decided against it.

In retrospect, an Instagram story might have been the way to go. New York chef, Gerardo Gonzalez “admits to being tired of the Instagram photo feed because, he said, “just food can get boring.” He thinks that the key to his restaurant’s survival is the Instagram Story, either photo or video, that disappears after 24 hours and encourages people to take a look more often.”

I guess there is always the next birthday…

-Emily Pearson

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