Heritage Breeds Week — Tunis — Breed of the Day

Heritage Breeds Week — Tunis — Breed of the Day

Today’s breed of the day for HERITAGE BREEDS WEEK is the Tunis sheep. The Tunis breed originated in Tunisia and is reputed to be more than 3000 years old. Referred to as fat-tailed sheep in the Bible, the color ranges from tan to red with the occasional white spot on the head and haunches. The American Founding Fathers were known for their appreciation of the Tunis. John Adams mentioned the breed in his diary in 1782 noting its exceptional taste. Thomas Jefferson ordered a herd be imported from Tunisia because he loved them so much, and George Washington bred them too.

The heritage breed conservation movement doesn’t just exist behind the doors of kitchens at restaurants and markets and on the pastures of farms. It takes place in your very own home! Thank you to all the home cooks that make the active choice to support a more sustainable and diverse food system. Because of you, farmers are able to continue raising these animals, allowing these breeds to thrive.

Tunis Lamb at Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm

Our nose-to-tail lamb operation is one of our more quietly ambitious projects. We rely on home cooks alone to move our lamb, which we bring in six times a year from Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm. Thanks to our loyal mail order customers, we are able to purchase whole animals from farmers, moving every cut from the shoulder to the shank. Thank you home cooks!

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