Heritage Breeds Week — Akaushi — Breed of the Day

Heritage Breeds Week — Akaushi — Breed of the Day

Today's breed of the day for HERITAGE BREEDS WEEK is the Japanese Red Cow, or Akaushi, now raised in Texas. Through a loophole in the Trade Act of 1992, three bulls and eight cows left Japan escorted by armed guards in a custom equipped Boeing 747 for the Texas heartland where they are still treated like a treasure to this day. One exciting feature of the Akaushi is the surprisingly healthy nature of its fat content. It has a high ratio of Monounsaturated fat, Oleic Acid and Conjugated Linoleic acid, all the elements that help to fight LDL, the bad kind of cholesterol. Akaushi Beef has the lowest cholesterol of almost any meat sold in the USA, according to studies conducted by Texas A&M, Penn State and the Journal of the American Heart Association. Add to that the good news of the meltingly tender texture and luscious beefy flavor and this is truly a steak you can't get enough of.

While many chefs put heritage breeds on center of the plate dishes at Michelin starred restaurants, heritage breed meat shouldn’t be limited to such an exclusive venue. Today we thank all of the sandwich makers serving heritage breed meat. Have you ever had a bacon, egg, and cheese made from Tamworth bacon? It’s an experience you will never forget. Winner, Daily ProvisionsRolo's and Southside Coffee make some of the best bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches in the city. Our good friends at Winson Bakery make an insanely delicious sandwich with our pork shanks, a cut not typically associated with sandwiches. Our friends at Fatted Calf and Bi Rite have lines around the block.

One of New York’s most legendary deli sandwiches is the chopped cheese — a burger patty cooked with onions and peppers, chopped up, topped with melting cheese, and wrapped up in a roll or hero. Chef Sib Cheeseman has upped the chopped cheese game by using our Signature Wagyu beef at Shmackwich.

We appreciate the sandwiches made by Southside Coffee, Winner, Daily Provisions, Winson Bakery, Rolo's, Shmackwich, Contimo Provisions, Bi Rite, Fatted Calf, Tempesta Market, and Newsoms Country Ham. Something as simple as a sandwich can be a step in the fight towards preserving these animals.

Photo courtesy of HeartBrand Beef.

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