Goatober 2021

Goatober 2021

Now in its eleventh year, not even COVID could stop GOATOBER. As with all things, the thin thread that connects the past to the future must never break, and GOATOBER is no different!

Goat is actually the most widely consumed meat in the world —  and America is slowly learning what the rest of the world already knows — that goat meat is delicious, lean, versatile, healthy, and sustainable. Goats are environmentally low-maintenance, and easy to raise. Naturally raised goat is a seasonal meat — they are ready for market in the fall. This is why Heritage Foods has worked to change the tenth month of the year from October to #GOATOBER!

In 2011, Heritage Foods partnered with dairies and meat farms in upstate New York and Vermont to purchase their unwanted male goats. Since then the project has grown to embrace all goat meat and include world-class restaurants from coast-to-coast, and it has become a major international initiative with a calendar of events in London, Paris, Melbourne, and beyond.

We hope you will join us for our annual goat project – GOATOBER, aka NO GOAT LEFT BEHIND! Shop our selection of goat here!



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