Frank Reese and the Good Shepherd Conservancy

It's fall and our favorite holiday is fast approaching! Available for preorder now, our turkeys come from one of the eight varieties of Standardbred breeds in existence today: Bronze, Narragansett, Bourbon Red, White Holland, Black, Slate, Beltsville Small White, and Royal Palm. These rare and endangered birds have been bred by Frank Reese on Good Shepherd Ranch in Kansas, the only remaining commercial USDA certified Standardbred heritage poultry farm in the U.S.

Good Shepherd turkeys comprise the oldest continuous breeding lines of turkeys in North America and all are raised to these standards: Certified Standardbred, Pasture Raised, Free Ranging Flock, Vegetarian Fed, Naturally Mating.

This year we broke ground on the Good Shepherd Conservancy Center (GSCC), a 501(c)(3) non profit. Building the Center might be our last chance to repopulate America’s farms with non-factory farm poultry. Remarkably almost every turkey and chicken consumed in the U.S. are industrial hybrids crossed from multiple lines of inbred birds which maintain specific mutations.

Good Shepherd Conservancy Foundation

GSCC is a bulwark against a total corporate takeover of our poultry industry. GSCC will be a training ground for hundreds of farmers to learn the old art of raising and breeding these rare strains of poultry. After the training is complete, they will return home with Frank’s genetics in hand to market their Standardbred birds independently and locally.

GSCC will be open to the public and house an operating hatchery producing heritage birds as well as an interactive living museum featuring the eight varieties of Standardbred turkeys (and many more varieties of chickens) still in existence today. Visitors will learn the storied histories of these birds as well as about corporate farming from the birth of Tyson Foods to the creation of the chicken mcnugget. GSCC’s guest house and professional kitchen, on the site of a working farm, make it an agritourism destination unlike any other. Please help us build it!

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