Featuring Our Newest Product! Poivre Mélange Wagyu Petite Tender - Music to Our Mouths!

Featuring Our Newest Product! Poivre Mélange Wagyu Petite Tender - Music to Our Mouths!

The new Heritage Petite tender, cut and crafted meticulously by famed old-world butcher Thomas Odermatt, is our newest and simplest solution for a super simple to prepare (but equally elegant) dinner, be it for one, or perhaps to share with a special friend.

These tenders are similar to the filet mignon — not as expensive, yet still remarkable for the buttery, luscious texture you’ve come to expect of the lauded filet, and with even more true steak flavor. Crusted by hand with lots of love and generations of experience with a mélange of pink, green, and black peppercorns and a slight bit of rosemary and savory – a wonderful herb similar to thyme – you can sear them in a cast-iron skillet and finish them in the oven to a perfect medium rare in about fifteen minutes.

Petite Tender

Even in the famously tough Heritage test kitchen we were amazed at how elegant something so easy to prepare could possibly be. These tenders are cut into 12 oz pieces, perfect for individual portions (impossible to beat for dinner for one) or sliced as part of a tantalizing salad or a mixed plate of fabulous sides. Better yet, make two for two people and pair with a velvety Cabernet for a romantic dinner that borders on the mind blowing.

Wagyu remains our favorite steak — the taste and juicy nature is uncompromised, and the best part of these new cuts is that the work is already done for you. The peppercorns and herbs are incredibly well-balanced, all you need is a skillet and some fire.

As we like to say here, “let hundreds of years of master butchering tradition be your secret in the kitchen.” It’s almost an unfair advantage —  longtime Heritage fans and customers are familiar with our partner Thomas Odermatt, whose porchettas are the stuff of legend. With these perfectly sized, gorgeously prepared petite tenders — prepared by the man himself, so that you don’t have to fuss —  we feel he has entered a new world. These oven-ready, quick-cooking cuts will turn your dinner table into a symphony of gastronomy with minimum effort. Let the music begin!

Is your mouthwatering?  Shop the Petite Tender now!

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