Chef Spotlight: Yong Shin

Chef Spotlight: Yong Shin

Photo Credit: Diane S. Kang

Yong Shin, Sous Chef and Partner, Insa Brooklyn

Favorite Heritage Cuts: Bone-in Skin-On Belly, Pork Jowl, Whole Animal Butchery  

Born in Korea and raised in Dubai, U.A.E., Yong grew up in a family of foodies with an excellent cook for a mother. Art school brought him to NYC, but soon after he stumbled into Chef Sohui Kim’s kitchen at The Good Fork where he learned about professional cooking while also attending the French Culinary Institute. Yong went on to cook at Franny's, where he learned the importance of seasonal cooking, the art of wood fire, and he fell in love with the practice of fermentation. In 2015 Yong returned to his Korean roots and together with Chef Sohui Kim and Ben Schneider he opened Insa, a neighborhood Korean BBQ restaurant and karaoke bar in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Want to hear more? Catch Yong on The Main Course OG this Thursday, 6/13! 

Chef Yong Shin and others celebrate Nancy Newsom on May 31st, 2019
Here's Yong Shin (2nd from Right) with (L to R) Patrick Martins, Evan Hanczor, Katy McNulty, Jonathan Hittinger, Nancy Newsom, Matt Rudofker, Katrina Zito and George Weld are applauded after a wonderful evening celebrating "The Ham Lady" Nancy Newsom at Egg Restaurant on May 31st. His Mazeman dish was a fan favorite!

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