Chef Spotlight: Jimmy Tu

Chef Spotlight: Jimmy Tu

Jimmy Tu, Chef/Co-Owner of Bunker 

Favorite Heritage Cuts: Pork Belly, Porterhouse Pork Chops, Maple Sugar Cured Ham, Signature Bacon, St. Louis Ribs — and all our goat and lamb

Jimmy Tu was one of the very earliest supporters of Heritage Foods when he owned legendary Tigerland restaurant in New York’s East Village. His current restaurant, Bunker, is one of the premiere Vietnamese restaurants in the country thanks to his amazing skills in the kitchen, blending flavors in both classic and innovative ways, and his steadfast commitment to sourcing the very best ingredients that recall the taste of his youth. Bunker buys almost every cut of our heritage breed pigs, nose-to-tail, and creates so many amazing dishes. Join us at Bunker on Saturday, April 27th from 12-4pm for an epic Heritage #PIGOUT featuring a whole roasted Newman Farm Berkshire hog. Tickets on sale at:


Pig Out at Bunker on 4/27/19

Pig Out at Bunker on 4/27/29

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