Biodiversity, Breeds, & Bites

Biodiversity, Breeds, & Bites

Biodiversity is one of the most important issues of our time and a driving force behind the mission of Heritage Foods. Promoting biodiversity is not on the agenda for the Industrial Food Complex, which has no incentive except to churn out only one breed of beast (made from genetic engineering and Dr. Moreau–like biowrenching), the one that produces the largest amount of meat in the shortest time. The corporate mantra is more food faster — cheap food at any cost!—until no market exists for anything else, no matter how severe the consequences or how small an investment it would take to change course.

It seems like laughing in the face of God to willfully crush biodiversity for the sake of overdeveloping one breed for profit. How haughty do you have to be to drive into extinction a noble breed that had been raised by generations of family farms, that had its own traits and taste and look and purpose—like the Red Wattle, which populated the yards of New Orleans throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?

We’ve already seen the food chain polluted with swine flu and bird flu and mad cow disease — how remote a possibility do you think it is that Thanksgiving could get canceled some year because of one ambitious germ that affects one breed but not another (heritage breeds of poultry have proved to survive bird flu better than their commodity cousins)? The Irish potato famine wouldn’t have happened if the Irish hadn’t been reliant on just one breed of potato. If they had had more diversity they would have been left with plenty of crops.

Breeding and slaughtering these animals is part of the responsible stewardship of the planet. It may be counterintuitive—some kind of inverse Darwinism that contradicts that whole survival-of-the-fittest thing — but to save them, we’ve got to eat them.

Not only is biodiversity good for the environment, it’s good for your taste buds! There is a world of flavor within each species of livestock alone. Nowhere else can you try — all in one package — multiple varieties of the same livestock and same cut. Each heritage breed boasts its own nuanced taste and flavor — taste one at a time or side-by-side.

For a fun dinner activity, make your taste notes on our breed cards. By the end, you’ll become an expert on the gastronomic attributes of our nation’s varied livestock!

Try words like: Floral, Buttery, Fruity, Sweet, Nutty, Olive, Silky, Mustardy, Earthy, Barnyardy, Citrus, Piquant, Smoky, Tangy, Vegetal, Umami, Luscious, Mellow, Peppery, Succulent, Tangy, Toothsome, Zesty, Full-bodied, Robust, Woody, Mouthwatering, Creamy, Hearty, Velvety, and Tender!

Download Our Breed Tasting Cards:


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