Apartment Hunting, Celebration, and Prosciutto (by Liz Greeley)

One of the more stressful things a new New Yorker faces is the taxing apartment search. The neighborhood you choose defines your day to day commute and those who will venture over to hang out. Is the closet big enough? Does the room get enough light? Will my commute be ok? Can I live with this roommate? Will our lives be more reflective of a silly sitcom than reminiscent of a horror movie? These are the questions you ask yourself as you travel around the city looking for the elusive apartment “of your dreams” but more so just a small place to call your own in the expansive city.

But when the you find your dream place and finally sign on the dotted line it is time for celebration and a gathering of friends. The perfect celebratory party is kicked off with lots of champagne, all your favorite people, many different cheese and our very own Casella’s prosciutto. Because after a search like that, it is time for a celebration! Some prosciutto inspiration below!


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