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Hey all you summer cats and beach kittens! The warm weather has arrived and it’s time to head out and enjoy those few extra hours of sunlight! So whether you’re planning a day at the park, or laying out pool side, we thought we’d leave you with this weeks not to miss stories from Heritage Radio Network. Grab your towels, pack a picnic basket, and tune in for the most up to date conversations about food, culture, policy, and trends.


MOFAD Roundtable Discussion about Food Ethics & Marketing

MOFAD_blog (1)

Is there anything inherently wrong with the way snack foods are developed and marketed? How much responsibility should rest on the consumer versus the manufacturer in matters of labeling and marketing? Is the food industry genuinely attempting to improve public heath with more nutritious products? The MOFAD Roundtable tackled these questions and more during a lively debate among experts in market research, consumer advocacy, and public health.

Pasta Flyer

pasta Flyer

Imagine the warmth of Grandma’s cooking transported into an animated quick service setting. Over the past three years – this is the idea that chef Mark Ladner has been researching and he’s finally ready to introduce it to the world.  Listen to Mark Ladner talk about his newest project and check the Kickstarter here.

Dark Meat vs Light Meat


1024px-Truman2_thanksgiving (1)

Turkey season is just around the corner. Dark or light meat? What’s your preference?

Rise of Northeast Grains


There are exciting developments in the northeast grain shed. June Russell is spearheading GrowNYC Greenmarket’s Regional Grains Project. She brings to light why heritage and ancient varieties of grains being grown in the northeast are so special.

Breeding for the Future

kids_and_chicks (1)

 The move from commodity to quality starts young. With the help of The Livestock Conservancy elementary school student are helping raise heritage chickens.


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