A Cured Pork Chop? Just Say ‘YES!’

Click the photo to watch a short video on how to prepare the cured pork chops!

Pork chops are our life, or so it seems. Among all of the wonderful things we sell (and eat) here at Heritage Foods HQ in Brooklyn, our Porterhouse T-Bone chop remains No. 1 with our customers and is the in-house go-to favorite.
We got our start selling pork, and no matter the rainbow of gorgeous steaks, lamb, goat, and of course our legendary Turkeys we celebrate at Thanksgiving, we always come back to the chop that made us famous.

We’ve grilled’em, broiled’em, pan fry’em, honestly, we have prepared them so many ways it is difficult to remember them all. But this is truly the next frontier: A bone-in cured pork chop that can be eaten cold — as-is, drizzled with any number of life-affirming condiments, sliced for sandwiches or snacks, or just gnawed on with the enthusiasm of a ship wrecked man.

It’s hard to surprise us, especially when it comes to pork chops, but these cured chops made everyone at our warehouse stop what they were doing for a collective WOW.

We tried searing them, which brought out the sweetness of the pork, tasting almost like a Southern style ham. And then we hit them with mustard, spicy honey, Sriracha, and everything else we have in our kitchen. The verdict? The cured pork chop is a masterpiece! Truly a rare and unexpected treat.

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